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The Titanium Gr.2 Flanges are pure titanium flanges that contain minimal additions of iron and oxygen. These flanges have high mechanical properties, making them reliable for several different applications across a variety of different industries. The Titanium Gr.2 flanges offer high resistivity to corrosion from alkalis and acids. They show high precipitation strength, making them suitable for high-pressure applications. These Titanium Gr.2 Flanges are resistant to corrosion and oxidation in a range of environments. They have a tensile strength of 485 MPa and a yield strength of 345 MPa. The Titanium Gr.2 Flanges are easy to machine and can be machined using slow speeds and high coolant flow.


The Titanium Gr..2 Flanges have a creep resistance up to 350 to 400°C. They are suitable for applications in environments that require high density and ductility. They offer excellent resistivity against seawater, making them suitable for applications in Marine applications. The Titanium gr.2 Flanges are found in applications in different industries for the manufacturing of Chemical processing equipment, Food processing equipment, and Hydrocarbon processing industries. These flanges are used by Marine industries for the manufacturing of Navy ship parts and Hydrometallurgical extraction equipment. They are also used for applications in pharmaceutical equipment, Desalination equipment, and Offshore hydrocarbon piping systems.

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