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The grade 2 titanium pipes accessories or a fitting is commercially a pure titanium alloy that is used for the heat exchangers and condensers. These titanium grade 2 fittings users utilize the excellent corrosion resistance, weldable characteristics and formability in many critical applications. This makes the titanium grade 2 fittings as a prime choice in the fields of applications such as like hydro carbon processing, power generation medical industry, marine industry and architecture. The titanium Gr 2 instrumentation fittings are also known as alpha alloys that contain the neutral alloying elements like alpha stabilizers.


The titanium grade fittings have the high tensile strength applications that require the materials that are rich in the Ti Grade 5. The oxide scale of the titanium grade 2 accessories should be removed chemically and mechanically after the treatment therefore the titanium pieces should be designed accordingly. The titanium Gr2 instrumentation fittings is used in the industrial and aerospace application that generally requires the moderate strength which further can have the excellent corrosion resistance. Some examples of the aerospace applications include the duck work brackets, gallery equipment and airframe skins in warm areas

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