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There are so many companies are available that provides Titanium Gr 2 Pipe Fittings. So you can easily buy the pipe fittings in an easy way. But at the time of buying you should have to get proper information about a company. You have to consider about services, products, reliability, legality and much more. If you buy these fittings from the best company then you can enjoy the wide variety of shapes, specifications, designs and sizes. These fittings gain lots of popularity because it has excellent formability and moderate strength. It has superior corrosion resistance that makes it Perfect. The main thing about these fittings is that it does not resist in the presence of water and humidity.


Following are the specifications of  Titanium Gr 2 Butt weld Fittings :


These fittings have come in various sizes such as 10s, 160s, the 40s and much more. The specifications of these fittings are ASME SB363, ASTM B363 and so many. The thickness of these fittings is 5s, 10s, the 80s, 10, 20, 140, and 160, XXS, custom thickness and much more. These fittings also have a various size such as fabricated, seamless and welded.

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