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Gr 2

Titanium gr 2 plates are made of titanium as the majority but the addition of iron and carbon to get the desired conditions. These plates of titanium have stable dimensions, fine finish, large material power with features of usefulness such as lightweight, high tensile potency, and hard wearing. They are highly used because of their formidability and moderate strength with corrosion resistance. All these features of titanium plates make it useful in industries of medical, marine, automobile and chemical processing.


Specifications and quality tests-

Plates are used internationally make it a necessity of specifications that I why they have specifications of ASTM SB256 and ASME SB 256. If you are worried about its size, they are available in size range of 1000mm to 4000mm with various combinations of length and width ratio and with a thickness of 0.1mm to 12mm.


These Titanium gr 2 plates pass through various tests of quality factors which makes them useful for customer satisfaction. They go through tests of machinability, chemical analysis, strength and other quality factor tests. These tests help in ensuring that the plates which are provided as of best quality.

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