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Gr 2

Titanium Gr 2 Tubing is very popular among engineers because of its mind-blowing features and properties. Its low weight and high strength make it perfect. It also has best corrosion resistance features that are the biggest reason for its popularity. It has the large number of applications such as cryogenic vessels, airframe components, picking baskets, CPI equipment and much more. It is specially made for the purposes of strength. IT IS USED WHERE HIGH STRENGTH AND toughness is required. These tubes offer a superior formability, excellent corrosion resistance, strength and much more. These tubes are made from the combination of titanium and other elements.

Reasons to use Titanium Gr 2 Tubing

These tubes have best mechanical properties and purity level. High-quality materials are used to make these tubes. The main thing about these tubes is that it has good mechanical features, low weight, thermal properties and much more. There are so many processes are used to make it. All the processes and materials are tested and analyze before using. The materials are also documented and then use to make tubes.

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