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Titanium gr 2 valves are valves made up of titanium grade 2, which is a special unalloyed or modified form of titanium. It is a nonferrous metal and has properties similar to titanium grade 1, 3, 4,7,11 and 12, which are the other common modified or unalloyed forms of titanium. It comprises mainly of titanium with less than .1% of carbon content, which makes it commercially pure.


Characteristic properties of titanium gr 2 valves:

  • They are hard in nature and very difficult to break.
  • Their Poisson’s ratio is approximately 0.37
  • They are good electrical conductors with high conductivity.
  • They have a maximum melting point of 3030°F and it is not advisable for machines to function at temperatures as high as this.


Applications of titanium gr 2 valves:

  • They are used in cryogenic vessels and heat exchangers.
  • They find themselves use in pickling baskets and condenser tubing.
  • Airframe components also employ such valves.

An interesting fact about Titanium Gr 2 Valves is that they are also used in orthopedics, for making implants and prosthesis. Its biocompatibility is praise worthy and is harmless when it comes to direct contact with bones and tissues. Grade 2 titanium valves and stronger than grade 1 titanium valves and are equally resistant to corrosion.

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