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Gr 2

Titanium grade 2 washer is best material of the choice to any kinds of the application where ease of the formability is required and it is available as the tubing and titanium plate. It comes from the stable, protective and strongly adherent film which might form in presence of the oxygen. Machine washer is the attractive grade of the titanium because of amazing corrosion resistance, limited strength and good formability. It has amazing welding properties and resistance to the corrosion and oxidation. Some of the suppliers are offering branded quality of titanium gr 2 washer, flat spring, slot washer, split washer and wire spring.


When it comes to the washer documentation then it includes raw material test reports, material traceability records, quality assurance plan, guarantee letter, welding procedure application and generalized system of the preferences. Amazing ranges of the washers are available like hex washer, dock washer, flat washer, spring washer, fender washer and machined washer. This kind of the washers are providing color formability and optimum ductility. Most of the titanium grade could be alloyed type along with the different additions.

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