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Gr 23

Different grade of bars have different properties and they are used in different industries to meet various application. In this article we have discussed about titanium gr 23 bars which are different from other grade of titanium alloy. This grade although seem similar to gr 5 and have low oxygen, irons as well as nitrogen.  The bars of this grade are ductile as well as hold fracture toughness.


Titanium gr 23 bars can be utilized in saltwater environments because they are resistant to corrosive environment and extremely durable. The titanium bars are also available in form of rod, hex, etc. it is also referred as UNS R56401 and its specification is as per ASME SB 348, AMS 4956, ASM, 4930. If you are thinking to buy this grade of bar then buy it from reputable shop.


Reputable shop will offer high quality titanium gr 23 bars in best price and in best condition within 10-15 days. Make sure you specify the length, size and thickness of bars while ordering so that manufacturer can produce it as per your need. Furthermore, they are packed with full marking while shipping.

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