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Gr 23

The production method of Titanium Gr23 Bolts maintains both national and international standard and quality too. They are built up to keep in mind that they offer extremely smooth functioning whether the conditions is critical or not. This grade bolt is being used in industries like fertilizer plants, sugar mills, petrochemicals, chemical plants, textile machinery and more. They are available in the market and at the online sites in the variety of thickness, dimensions as well as sizes. They are made in order to give a complete durability as well as reliability in several atmospheres of use. They are given by distributors at extremely cheap costs so that one can meet their needs and demands.


Following are the specifications of the product such as-

Titanium Gr23 Bolts are available in sizes from M 10 to M 100 and customization as per customer’s requirement. Their maximum length is up to 5 meters and dimensions are decided in accordance with the international standard. They are packed well using wooden and metal access so that they may not get spoiled while transporting from one place to another. Also, they can be packed using special packaging material as per customers demand.

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