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Gr 23

Titanium screws are very popular for its lightweight, corrosion resistant and tensile strength properties. It has come in the wide categories such as different grades, specifications and materials. But you don’t have to take lots of tension to choose it. You have to use Titanium Gr 23 Screw. It is available in different grades. This screw has the highest strength-to-weight ratio as compared to other screws. This screw is used in various applications where excellent strength and lightness of weight is required. It is most commonly used in sporting nag military goods, oil and gas, chemical industry, aerospace and much more.


Following are the specifications of the Titanium Screw:


In the chemical processing industry, titanium screws gain lots of popularity among all the metals. This screw has an excellent resistance to solutions of perchlorates, hypochlorites, chlorides, chlorine dioxide and much more. Due to this reason, titanium screws are also used in chlorine related industries such as chlor-alkali / bleach, pulp and paper and so many. Titanium Gr 23 screw also has a good resistance to seawater corrosion. The specifications of this screw are ASTM, ASME, API and much more.

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