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Titanium Gr 23 Sheet

Titanium Grade 23 Sheet is an alloy of titanium, aluminium and vanadium. This sheet is used in many applications and offers superior corrosion resistance to standard Ti-6Al-4V grade sheets due to its higher aluminium content and improved formability. It is also half the weight of steel while offering comparable strength, making it a more lightweight yet strong choice for many engineering projects.


Titanium Gr 23 sheet is an ideal material for applications requiring superior strength and corrosion resistance. Its high tensile strength makes it very useful in various industries such as architectural, aerospace, automotive, medical, and marine. It also has excellent formability and weldability properties, which make it easy to fabricate or shape into different components or products. In addition, Titanium Gr 23 sheets are non-magnetic and highly resistive against extreme hot and cold temperatures, making them suitable for various environmental conditions.

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