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Gr 23

Ti 6AL-4V ELI or Titanium Gr 23 Stud Bolts is the higher purity version of the grade 5 stud bolts. As with other titanium based stud bolts, these bolts are top choice of industries looking out for a combination of high strength and light weightiness. They have good corrosion resistance and high toughness and also have a superior tolerance to other alloys.



All these properties make it an ultimate choice for medical grade equipments. It is popularly used in biomedical instruments which require that lightness with high durability. Its biocompatibility also helps it to be used in implantable components. It is used in surgical procedures such as Orthopaedic pins and screws, orthopedic cables, Ligature clips, surgical staples and springs.



They are also used in aerospace applications, automobiles, buildings, and sporting equipment. Titanium bolts likewise are esteemed in the automotive industry where it is utilized in valves, suspension rings and connecting rods. In petrochemical business, it is found to be used as a part of warmth exchangers and reactors. The automotive industry uses it in automotive components including connecting rods, valves and suspension springs.

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