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Gr 3

Titanium gr 3 bars are great in demand because it offers high tensile strength as well as toughness. This grade of bars is stronger as compared to the grade 1 and 2. It is similar to grade 1 and 2 in its ductility while it is less formable and possess high mechanical as compared to its predecessor. This grade of bars is utilized for rust resistance applications where ease of fabrication, cost as well as welding is important.


These bars are used in tube heat exchangers as well as matrix plate’s shells. Also, it is used in orthopedic application, ligature clips, sutures, needles, etc. Specification of titanium gr 3 bars is as per ASTM B348 or SB348. Its dimension is according to ASME and ASTM. It is available in length 2000-5800mm. Finishing in which it is available is bright, black or polished. The condition includes polished cold drawn, cold drawn or centreless ground and polished.


If you are interested in buying these bars then check the best manufacturer online and place order as per your needs. Make sure you choose correct form of bars.

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