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Titanium Gr 3 Bolts are known for being lightweight, high corrosion resistance as well as strong. Unlike, other bolts, these Gr3 bolts are having the highest strength to weight ratio along with of 4.51g/cm3 density.  These are made of using great quality titanium and others uneven material and that’s the only reason why they are ideal for almost all the industrial applications. Like sporting goods, down –hole and military, these are ideal as they are possessing excellent strength and light in weight, as we stated above.  They can even survive in the marine applications because they do not get corrode for a last long.


Titanium Gr 3 Bolts are specially made to shield seawater corrosion effectively as they can oppose rust by seawater above as high as 260 degree Celsius temperature and even can subsist at ocean depths more miles under the surface. They are mainly used throughout the gas and oil, desalination and marine industries. Moreover, they are extremely unique among other metals within chemical processing industries for tackling chlorine. They are exceedingly waterproof and easy to install and even working with them is easier or reliable.

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