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Gr 3

Titanium Gr 3 plates are having high moderate strength as well as good cold forming properties. It is also providing excellent welding property and is also high resistance to both corrosion and oxidations. The alloy of good quality has made itself high in demand and useful for various kinds of applications. The application in which it is used is like condenser, pipe shrouds, heat exchangers, exhaust pipe etc. 


Specification of the product-


The specifications of titanium Gr 3 plates are ASME SB 265 and ASTM B 265. The standard specifications of it are API, ASTM, and ASME. The wall thickness of it is ranging from 4.0mm to 100mm. Its forms are like coils, ring, blank, rolls, foils, strip, plain sheet, chequered plate, perforated sheet and shim sheet. The finishes of it are SATIN, hot rolled and cold rolled plates. The grade of it is Titanium Grade 3 UNS R50550. It specializes in B.Q. profile, shim sheet, and perforated plate. The plate’s hardness is soft, hard, spring hard, quarter and half hard.


When the titanium Gr 3 plates are ready to dispatch, it is packed using various methods like in wooden boxes, wooden crates, cartons etc. This safety to it and prevent from getting damages.

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