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Gr 3

Titanium Gr 3 is unalloyed titanium with medium oxygen content. Titanium Gr 3 Stud Bolts are stronger than its predecessors: grade 1 and grade 2. As with other titanium based stud bolts, these bolts are top choice of industries looking out for a combination of moderate strength and light weightiness. They have good corrosion resistance and high toughness.



These properties are put to use in aerospace structures where components needs to be light weight and the same time strong enough. Heavier components increase the overall load of the aeroplane which in turn increases the fuel consumption. These stud bolts are also used in chemical processing industry, it being unalloyed, the corrosion resistance stands out. This property of the titanium grade 3 is used to its advantage by chemical processing industries. In the medical field titanium is looked as a sterile metal, after all health is the top most priority. Due to its lightweightness and high ductility it can be formed into mini size components which are the need of the hour in the medical field. It is also found to be used in the marine industry due to its high resistance properties.

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