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Gr 4

The Titanium Gr 4 Fasteners offer many features like excellent resistance, high yield strength, and many others. This grade of titanium fastens is used in many industrial applications and is easily available at a cheap economical price. These bolts come in standards sizes and shapes and are customized as per the customer demand.



Titanium Gr 4 Fasteners are commonly used to keep the machine parts together and are available in many forms like socket head cap screws, button head socket screw etc. This bolt comes in size of M02 to M160 and has a length up to the 3mm to 200mm. It follow a standard like DIN, IS, BS and others and comes in forms like hex, square, rectangular and other.


Testing and supply-

Titanium Gr 4 Fasteners is equipped with various testing like tensile machine test, hardness test, IGC test, Positive material identification test to ensure the quality of the product. This material is available from traditional method to cutting-edge high technology including heat treatment processes like hot forming and cold forming process. This fastener is supplied in low, medium high volumes to fulfill the requirement of the client.

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