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Gr 4

Titanium Gr 4 Nuts are being used in industrial sectors for many times, just because of its high tensile strength as well as good resistivity. The features, it has such as durability, reliability, formability, weldability, outstanding wear resistance, and more. It can work well under severe conditions as well as a soaring temperature. It is being used in industries worldwide as of its better impact features at low temperatures. It can be machined, welded, cast, hot or cold worked as well. It is available in different forms and sizes so that anyone can get it in accordance with their particular need.


 Moreover, using some modular techniques and machinery, it is made under the leadership of skilled experts. This nut comes in both imperial, as well as metric sizes, thus now you can get it to keep in mind your needs. It belongs to international quality of standards like American national standards institute (ANSI), DIS, BS, ASTM, and many others. Titanium Gr 4 Nuts forms are round, hex, square, threading and more. It is mostly found in different colors and even customized choices.

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