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Gr 4

The Titanium gr 4 plates are a combination of carbon, nickel in small proportions but titanium is the main composition. They are also known by the name of titanium CP1 and are most commonly used in aerospace and chemical processing industry. They are used here because they possess high corrosion resistance to various extreme environments and highly ductile. They are even resistance to fatigue and seawater conditions of alkali, aqueous salt, wet and dry gases which also makes it useful in marine components.



They have specified with ASTM and ASME of B265, 348 & 381 specifications so that it can be used internationally and nationally both that too without any hindrance. And its size range is vivid and large which makes it meet requirements of every customer. You can order your required size from our website. Some of the available size ranges are 0.4064 mm to 1.6002 mm and 25.4 mm to 107.95 mm.


Quality and testing

To ensure good quality in Titanium gr 4 plates our experts perform a test in terms of their strength, durability, chemical analysis, and other important factors test these products. These tests ensure the quality and provide customer satisfaction.

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