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Gr 4

The Titanium Gr 4 Stud Bolts are made of material classified as the aerospace titanium alloys. It is unalloyed titanium with high oxygen content. It has enhanced strength compared to lower grade counterparts. It is known for excellent corrosion resistance. These stud bolts, in general are available in cold forged or hot forged conditions as required by the client.



These properties of titanium grade 4 are put to use in a wide range of industries. They are used in aerospace industry for its airplane components which require lightweight material and at the same time need something which strong enough to survive in harsh environment. They are used in cryogenic vessels as these stud bolts do not lose its properties even in low temperatures. Even in high temperatures they retain their properties due to which it is used in heat exchangers, CPI equipment and condenser tubing. They also exhibit high corrosion resistance which makes it the ideal choice to be used in pickling baskets. In the recent past they found its niche as medical grade titanium due to its corrosion resistance and light weightiness.

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