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Do you know why most industries rely on titanium gr 5 bars? If not then read the article further you will know it! Titanium gr 5 bars are heat treatable as well as high strength bars. This grade of bar is ductile and show good fabricability as well as wedability.  These bars are used in engine components, aircraft turbines, aerospace fastener, and aircraft structural component and high performance automatic parts.


Specification of titanium gr 5 bars is manufactured according to ASTM SB348/ B348. The dimension of these bars is according to the industrial standards. The size of the bar varies from 5-500mm and diameter varies from 0.1-100mm. The length of bars varies as per customers need. These bars undergo tests that are hardness test, PMI test, spectro analysis, flattening test, IGC test, etc.


When you buy titanium gr 5 bars they are delivered to you in hard packaging material. This is done so that the material remains safe while it is shipped. The material is packed in fumigation free wooden cases or poly bags. They can also be packed in bubble wraps or plastic wraps.

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