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Gr 5

Titanium Gr5 bolts are considered to be an alpha-beta alloy which is covering 4% of vanadium and 6% of aluminum called alpha stabilizer.  This grade bolt is also known as Ti 6Al-4V and is the most typical aspect of accounting for 50% of Ti wide-reaching.  These bolts offer exceptional corrosion resistance to marine because of their oxide layer is known as the passive layer which shields it from being damaged and makes unexpectedly upon disclosure to oxygen. They are highly resistant to marine water above 260 Celsius. In the last two decades, it has been demonstrated that they can even survive in polluted seawater.


Plus, these Titanium Gr5 bolts have already demonstrated no marks of crevice as well as pitting corrosion even when extra mile below the surface and when seawater deposits form upon the surface. In the expression of high pace marine atmospheres, Ti is practically fully opposed to any erosion even above the pace of 120 feet/sec. At the top, these bolts play a major role in the medical field covering dental implants, spinal components as well as surgical instrumentation and this is because of some great features of this alloy.

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