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Gr 5

The grade 5 titanium tube has improved fracture toughness and ductility with some reduction in mechanical strength. The titanium grade 5 fittings and its related alloys resist with the wide range of the acid conditions being highly resistant to the oxidizing acids, offering the best resistance to the most organic acids at the lower temperature and concentrations and possessing useful resistance to the reducing acids. The hot isotactic pressure of the titanium Gr 5 instrumentation fittings applied in the inert atmosphere will eliminate the shortage of materials and micro-porosity inside the casting.


The titanium Gr 5 instrumentation fittings have the size of 6mm to 38mm and ¼ to 11/2 inches. This type of the titanium instrumentation fittings is applicable for the temperature 150 -400 C with the pressure rating of 3000-4000PSI. More over this type of the titanium fittings are of single ferrule tube fitting, double tube fitting instrumentation tube fitting and hydraulic tube fitting instrument. The titanium grade 5 fittings are of imperial series and contain the bulkhead connector, elbow, run tee and branch tee in which the titanium used in manufacturing of the products are of grade 5 quality which has high tensile strength and resistance power towards corrosion and rusting.

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