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Titanium Grade 5 Screw(or "Ti-6AL-4V") is an alloy of titanium composed of 6% Aluminum, 4% Vanadium, 0.2% Iron, 0.2% Oxygen, and the remainder of titanium. It is the most widely used of all titanium alloys and is known for its excellent strength levels compared to its weight advantages. This makes it ideal for medical implants or aerospace components where high strength and low weight are paramount or anywhere weight reduction or corrosion resistance is needed; it's even been used to craft custom bicycle frames and golf clubs! Ti-6AL-4V proves that lightweight doesn't necessarily mean weak; this impressive metal can quite quickly meet all sorts of specific durability requirements that more mainstream metals might be unable to achieve.

Screws Titanium GR5 has quickly become a go-to fastener for many applications requiring superior strength, durability and weight properties. The rusting, corrosion and galling associated with other materials, such as Stainless Steel, is often avoided due to the inherently resistant nature of titanium screws. In addition to their corrosion resistance, these screws exhibit excellent tensile strength and toughness at relatively low weights. It's also naturally immune to environmental attacks, including acids, fresh water, salt water, and most organic and industrial chemicals. For its weight-saving properties alone, it makes an excellent replacement for heavier steel fasteners while still providing top-notch security like no other material can in an array of applications, including aerospace vehicles, chemical ships, medical tools or even bicycle components!

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