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Gr 5

The Titanium Gr 5 Stud Bolts are manufactured with what is known as the workhorse of titanium alloy series. They account for fifty percent of the total titanium used all over the world. Similar to other grades of titanium alloy they are also known for its high corrosion resistance and at the same being light weight. To improve it toughness and strength it is sometimes heat treated. They can be used in temperatures of as high as 600F without it losing its desirable properties. The combination of these properties makes it ideal choice in diverse fields.



They are popularly used in the medical field due to its various properties: Strong, Lightweight, Corrosion Resistant, Non-toxic, Biocompatible, Long-lasting, Non-ferromagnetic, long range availability. Bio compatibility is a significant property which means that they are not rejected by our body when implants are used in a surgical procedure. They are also found to be used in aircraft turbines due to strength to weight ratio, engine components for its property to retain its resistance in high temperature, marine applications as they are resistant to high chloride environments and sports equipments.

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