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Gr 5

Titanium grade 5 washer is especially crafted sizes and shapes based on the prerequisites and you must pick only trusted and reliable manufacturer. It is available in different kinds of the specification, dimensions and thickness so you can choose perfect one based on your requirements. Prominent and experienced exporter can offer titanium gr 5 washer which is used in excellent numbers of the applications. Vast numbers of the washers are available like flat washer, punched washer, machined washer, round washer, lock washer and spring washer. It is the well suitable options to compressor blades, rings and discs for the airframe components, pressure vessels and jet engines.


Suppose you are interested to choose top quality of the washer then you must select only professional and licensed manufacturer. It has amazing mechanical properties such as tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, melting point, density and element. Titanium alloy is used in lots of applications such as off shore oil drilling, gas processing and power generation. It comes with the useful washer types like hot forged, cold forged, bar stock milling and bar tock machined.

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