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Gr 7

If you are looking for high strength product for your industrial applications Titanium Gr 7 is the best product for the industrial requirement. It provides you with strength, low maintenance requirements, durability, and corrosion resistance makes it a most popular and useful metal.


These Titanium Gr 7 bars include national and international standards such as ASTM B348 and ASME SB348 with various dimensions such as EN, DIN, ASME, AISI, JIS, BS ETC. It sizes varies from diameter ranges from 6.0 mm - 200 mm and length 1000mm - 6000 mm.  It comes in various forms like round, rectangular, hydraulic etc and tolerances as per customer’s requirement. It comes in various length single random, double random and required length with customs size 12-meter lengths.


Titanium Gr 7 carries a variety of commercially pure titanium bars product used in applications such as aerospace, medical equipment, sports, chemical processing and metal finishing industries. This product is high strength and corrosion protective. There are many grades of titanium used for many purposes. Titanium alloys comes in sheet, coil, plates, rode, and wire and tube forms.

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