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Gr 7

Titanium grade 7 bolts are one of those with high corrosive resistance and with mechanical properties which are similar to commercially pure grade. These bolts are ideal for use in places where we require high strength but with lightweight. Their most common place of applications is oil and gas in downstream, military and sporting goods. In the watery environment also they will demonstrate you a very high corrosive resistance due to that extra oxide layer which acts a protection from corrosion.


Why they have the high strength?

They are made of tightly adherent oxide film on its surface which makes them corrosive resistance. They are even resistant to aqueous solutions of chlorides, chlorates, perchlorates and chlorine dioxide. Another important fact to know about them is that when this titanium grade 7 bolts are exposed to oxygen they form an extra layer of protection from corrosion.



Titanium grade 7 bolt products are packed in such a way that it ensures the forget fittings don’t get damage while transiting. It’s somehow same as the products transport when it is transmitting to the other country. They are packed in the wooden cases and boxes. This protects the forget fittings from getting damage.

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