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Titanium GR7 fasteners are made up of 90% to 95% titanium and 5% to 10% aluminium, and even smaller amounts of other trace elements. These trace elements are essential in the manufacturing process as they help to strengthen the alloy's resistance to corrosion. Aluminium helps reduce the cost of this particular alloy while also containing fewer impurities than its competitors. In addition, Titanium GR7 fasteners have the added benefit of having a low density that yet offers high strength and durability properties- making them both reliable and economical. This is why Titanium GR7 fasteners are popular for many applications across industries.

Titanium GR7 Fasteners are highly valued for their corrosion resistance and strength-to-weight ratio. They are often used in automotive, marine, defence, aerospace, petrochemical and high-salt environments due to their superior ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. They are also sought after for structural applications outside the above industries since they can bear a large load without additional welding or fabrication. This remarkable performance has made them the go-to fastener in many engineering applications. Moreover, they have excellent fatigue properties while still offering low weight and dynamic vibration absorption, making them ideal for use under harsh operating conditions and lightweight components. Titanium GR7 Fasteners provide users with peace of mind regarding long-term performance, safety and environmental sustainability, making them an attractive alternative across various industries.

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