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Gr 7

The Titanium Gr 7 Fasteners has offered excellent features like anti-corrosive properties, high yield strength, and many others and this fastener is well suited for many industrial applications. This grade of bolts/ screws is easily available at reasonable rates. Grade 7 fasteners also exhibit good strength, good forming and welding characteristics. This bolt is designed by high-quality raw materials. To know more about this titanium fastener features read its specification and features in this article.



This fastener has followed standard specification ASTM B348 and has other specification like IS, BS, and other equivalent standards. It has size M10 to M36 and has a length up to the 5 meter. These fasteners are available in hex, round, square and many other shapes. This grade of the fastener is designed in different dimensions, specification, and thickness as per the client demand.


The Titanium Gr 7 Fasteners is inspected by the third party inspection team and tested by various tests to ensure the quality of the product and it is covered in wooden box and pallets to provide protection from any kind of external environment damage condition.

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