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Titanium GR7 Flanges are made up of a commercially pure three-grade titanium alloy containing 0.2-0.3% carbon, 0.8-1.2% iron, 0.04-0.08% nitrogen, 0.25-0.4% silicon and 0.06-0.12% manganese, the balance being titanium with small amounts of oxygen and other trace elements making up the totality of its composition. Beyond this chemical makeup, Titanium GR7 can be further classified based on material usage as annealed or cold worked per ASTM B381 and/or UNS R 56400 compliant with USN N59360 military standard (superior version). Regardless of its existence in either form, this flange offers excellent corrosion resistance and low weight relative to more common alloys such as stainless steel and nickel aluminium bronze while remaining entirely ductile within normal ambient temperatures.

Flanges Titanium GR7 are a helpful component in various industries due to their excellent & corrosion-resistant properties. Its melting point of 1632°C can be used in highly elevated temperature applications due to its high strength-to-weight ratio. These flanges have good weldability & braze-ability and are often used in Plumbing, Mechanical, Fabrication and Paper Industries. Ideally suited for saltwater applications, these flanges are dimensionally stable, lightweight, have a long service life expectancy, and are highly reliable. An added advantage is its resistance to spot welding and its biocompatibility which make it ideal for medical equipment that comes into contact with body fluids preserving the integrity of the human body from unnecessary irritants or allergies.

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