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Gr 7

Titanium grade 7 is found to be the most resistant corrosion in reducing the acids with mechanical/physical properties equivalent to the Gr 2. The titanium Gr 7 instrumentation fittings also have the excellent fabricability and weldability. This titanium Grade 7 fittings are available in number of forms namely the seamless tube, bar, forgings, plate, sheet, welded tube, seamless tube, pipe fittings, flanges and wire. The titanium grade 7 fittings are unalloyed one that offers the cold formability and optimum ductility in which the titanium welding fittings has the high impact of the toughness and it is of ready to start to the weld process.


This titanium weld fittings can take the immediate reforms that maintain the surface which is completely resistant to the corrosive attack in the sea water and to the natural environment. The cold forming characteristics of the titanium Gr 7 instrumentation fittings provides the excellent corrosion resistance and this type of fittings are widely used for many applications as storage vessels, plating rocks and satellite etc. The titanium Grade 7 fittings is physically and mechanically equivalent to the CP-Ti except with the addition of the interstitial element palladium but the weld pipe fittings are more corrosive in nature compared to all other titanium alloys.


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