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Gr 7

Titanium Gr 7 Nuts is being supplied by many manufacturers and suppliers at online sites these days. This titanium nut has both good physical as well as mechanical properties. It is also extremely resistant to rust and it is even well-matched to the applications needing immune to general and localized crevice corrosion. The addition of palladium offers grade 7 improved crevice corrosion resistances at extremely low temperatures and elevated PH and it has the highly corrosive resistivity of all titanium alloys. It is typically used by chemical industries in different shapes, sizes as well as lengths.


Titanium Gr 7 Nuts covers specifications and standards ASTM, IS, and BS. And the length of it goes above 5 meters and others on special order. If we talk about its sizes that are from M 10 – M 36 and you can also get in customized option as per your needs. Now, coming to its wrapping that is done in qualitative wooden boxes, crates or maybe plastic bags to shield from rusting as well as dusting, during transit. It is present in reasonable rates online as well.

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