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Titanium GR7 Pipe Fittings are composed mainly of titanium, a strong and lightweight metal known for its corrosion-resistant properties. This particular alloy can contain up to 6% aluminium, with the remainder primarily iron and oxygen. The inclusion of aluminium into the molecular structure of Titanium GR7 makes it easier to form and machine while still providing excellent strength. It has an ultimate tensile strength of 550MPa (megapascals) and a yield strength of 480MPa, making GR7 one of the stronger titanium alloys available today. With an impressive track record in the marine industry due to its durability and wear resistance, this alloy is an excellent solution for any application requiring solid pipe fittings.

Titanium GR7 Pipe Fittings offer a valuable combination of strength and corrosion resistance. Its low density makes it an attractive choice, and its ability to withstand extremely high temperatures without losing its structural integrity is what makes these fittings the go-to choice for shipbuilding, automotive, and aircraft applications. In addition to its impressive thermal resistance, titanium GR7 pipe fittings also possess exceptional formability characteristics, allowing large-diameter bends with minimal effort and significant reductions in wall thicknesses with minimal tool wear. Flexibility in use is further enhanced by its excellent weldability, meaning that titanium GR7 pipe fittings can be used relatively quickly, even on more challenging projects. Combined, these properties make Titanium GR7 Pipe Fittings an ideal choice for critical applications where reliability and performance are paramount.

FAQ's for Titanium Gr 7 Pipe Fittings

The Price Range For Titanium GR7 Pipe Fittings Products Is ₹1700 To ₹1900 Per Kilogram.

Titanium GR7 Pipe Fittings are a type of metallic pipe fitting made from titanium alloys with excellent strength and corrosion resistance. They have been specifically designed for high temperatures, high pressure and harsh environments.

Yes, Titanium GR7 Pipe Fittings are environmentally friendly as they contain no hazardous materials or toxins. Furthermore, they can be recycled multiple times without any reduction in their performance capabilities

The grade of Titanium GR7 Pipe Fittings can be identified by the numbers printed on the fitting after the prefix ‘GR’. These numbers will indicate the grade and other specifications of the particular fitting.

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