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Gr 7

Titanium Gr 7 Screw is being manufactured by many exporter and manufacturers all around the world they provide their customer best quality material. The material that is being used while manufacturing the screws is well tested.  And is made taking in a note of both national as well as international standard. Regular checking and testing of the screw are done so that is no damages being seen at the last stage of manufacturing.


These are the screws that are being available to you in various metric size and dimensions as per the customer requirement; they also provide the people with customized dimensions designs as well.  They are the best and known for great corrosion resistance. One of the best properties of the screw is that they provide great tensile strength. They are mainly used in the industries like oil, gas and other sporting goods.


Titanium Gr 7 Screw is made with the excellent material and prevents seawater corrosion and work the best in high temperature. They also serve the best performance in the depth below the surface for years. They are said to be the best and works the best in an acidic environment.

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