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Gr 7

Titanium Grade 7 is similar to titanium grade 2 in physical and mechanical characteristics. Titanium Gr 7 Stud Bolts are in addition, alloyed with palladium, an interstitial element. This addition enhances the corrosion resistance to extent to which the grade 7 is known to be the most corrosion resistant in the titanium series. It stands out in its resistance to reducing acids, excellent resistance to high chloride environment and also exhibits enhanced resistance to crevice corrosion at high and cryogenic temperatures.



The combinations of these properties are quite desirable in chemical processing industries where resistance to various oxidising and reducing medium are of great importance. Similar to other grade of titanium alloys, this grade can also be found to be used in aerospace industry mainly due to its strength to weight ratio. Apart from being used in marine industry for its high corrosion resistance in salt water it is also used in desalination plants and chlorate production plants. Universally it is used in various industries which require a combination of properties such as resistance to corrosion and strength at the same time being light in weight.

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