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Titanium Grade 7 valves exhibit superior strength, corrosion resistance and low thermal expansion properties, making them a well-suited material choice for several industrial applications. This grade of titanium is composed of 91-93% titanium, 6% aluminium, 4% vanadium, and 0.25% iron. Apart from these elements, other trace elements such as nickel, palladium and molybdenum may also be present in small amounts. Titanium Gr 7 valves possess a high mechanical strength to tackle the most extreme temperatures and pressure fluctuations without losing structural integrity, making them an excellent choice for various engineering applications, from chemical plants to medical equipment.

Titanium Grade 7 (Ti Gr 7) valves are one of the most durable and lightweight options for handling many tasks. Valves crafted from this high-grade alloy have impressive strength, low weight, excellent corrosion resistance, and great deformability, making them suitable for several uses in various industries. Ti Gr 7 valves have become the standard material of choice from oil and gas to nuclear engineering operations due to their exceptional strength-to-density ratio, even when exposed to extreme temperatures. One of its best properties is that it can be used in vacuum systems and other corrosive environments where corrosive media is present. In addition, it has high weldability and is easily machinable, making it extremely versatile and cost-effective; this makes it an ideal alternative to many expensive non-ferrous materials. Overall, Ti Gr 7 valves offer a well-rounded package of features that make them an efficient solution for any application.

FAQ's for Titanium Gr 7 Valves

Titanium grade 7 valves have had wide application in chemical process equipment, heat exchangers, salt water marine environments, offshore applications, and medical implants. They can also be used for aircraft components due to their ability to resist corrosion and extreme temperatures.

Titanium grade 7 has a tensile strength of 827 MPa (120 ksi) minimum. Its ultimate shear strength is 645 MPa (93 ksi) minimum and its elongation is 15% minimum in 2 inches (50 mm).

Yes, titanium grade 7 offers excellent weldability with shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) and electron beam welding (EBW). It also has a higher resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking than other titanium grades and exhibits low magnetic permeability.

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