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Titanium GR7 Washer (Ti-6Al-4V) is a titanium alloy with 6% Aluminum and 4% Vanadium, showing high potency and corrosion resistance. This attraction of properties is ideal for manufacturing medical implants, prosthetics and even airframes in the aviation industry. Refining the chemical composition produces an alloy of excellent flexibility and strength properties suitable for washers and aerospace engine components that operate under significant temperature variations. With a tensile strength of 130,000 psi to 160,000 psi range, the mechanical power of the Titanium GR7 Washer triumphs over other ferrous materials making it the top choice for performance-based applications.

Washers Titanium GR7 have exceptional properties that make them ideal for use in various engineering industries. Their high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent corrosion and temperature resistance, nonmagnetic nature and superior biocompatibility make them especially useful in aerospace applications and biomedical implants. The solid titanium construction of these washers also provides good durability as they are not prone to deformation and abrasion during assembly. Further, their impressive tensile strength makes them capable of withstanding heavily loaded fastening joints while having the ability to flex without breaking or distorting. Finally, titanium GR7 washers are handy in space exploration applications due to their characteristic lightweight that aids in spaceship manoeuvrability.

FAQ's for Titanium Gr 7 Washer

Titanium GR7 Washers offer several advantages, including exceptional corrosion resistance, high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent fatigue and wear resistance, good ductility and formability, and outstanding biocompatibility.

The density of the Titanium GR7 Washer is 4.51 g/cm3.

The best welding type for Titanium GR7 Washer is TIG welding with an argon or helium-inert gas shield. This process provides a protective atmosphere around the workpiece, prevents contamination from oxygen or nitrogen when heating, and gives high-strength welds.

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