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Titanium Gr3 Sheet

Titanium Gr3 Sheet is a corrosion-resistant grade of titanium alloy. It comprises 90% titanium, 6% aluminium, and 4% vanadium, with small amounts of other materials like oxygen and iron. This high-strength alloy combines excellent formability, weldability and impact toughness in extreme temperatures, making it suitable for many applications like aerospace structures, medical implants, bioengineering projects and sports equipment.


Titanium Gr3 sheet is widely used for aerospace and space applications. It is an extremely lightweight material that offers higher levels of strength than many other alloys, making it rarely subject to distortion or failure under extreme loads. Its excellent corrosion resistance makes it highly resistant to various acids, bases, and salt solutions. Additionally, titanium Gr3 sheet can be welded using standard welding methods with little difficulty and provides superior thermal stability in high-temperature environments.

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