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Titanium Screw

Titanium screws are one of the most popular fastening components in many industries today due to their mechanical and chemical strength. The chemical composition of titanium screws is determined by the specification of the screw, such as 6AL-4V grade, which consists of 90% titanium, 6% aluminium, 4% vanadium and trace elements. These screws are made with allotropic alteration in the hexagonal shape at a temperature range of 1650 degrees F. These elements provide superior strength and corrosion resistance to these fasteners while remaining lightweight, making them ideal for aircraft applications, marine applications, honeycomb structures, heat exchangers, the aircraft's skin, bellows etc and other areas where weight is a concern. The superior strength and corrosion resistance make titanium screws an excellent choice for high-demand conditions and industries like power generation, oil & gas production.

Titanium screws are incredibly versatile fasteners with some excellent advantages due to their unique properties and composition. Titanium is strong, lightweight and corrosion-resistant, allowing titanium screws to be used outdoors in various applications with minimized risk of degradation or failure. They are also non-magnetic and non-toxic, making them widely applicable in medical and food industry settings. Some popular titanium screws are titanium self tapping screws, Button Head Cap Screws, titanium set screws, Flat Head Screws, Hex Head Cap Screws, Pan Head Screws, & Security Screws. The outstanding longevity of titanium guarantees a longer lifespan compared to more traditional metals such as stainless steel and aluminium, which can prove more cost-effective in the long run. As well as providing high strength against fatigue, titanium screws have exceptional fatigue resistance, creating a durable screw ideal for recurrent torque or tension forces.

Specifications and sizes

As always, we provide only the best quality service; we make all the products with international specifications of ASTM B 348 and ASME 348 along with IS, JIN, DIN, ASME, ASTM standards. These screws are available in sizes M3 to M56 and in inches of 3/6” to 2”; custom sizes are also available. They have a length of 3mm to 200mm so that all the customers can meet their requirements.

FAQ's for Titanium Screw

Yes, Titanium Screws are incredibly strong and have a high strength-to-weight ratio. They are typically used in applications where weight savings and maximum durability are crucial.

Yes, Titanium Screws have excellent heat resistance properties and can tolerate extreme temperatures without distortion or damage.

Titanium Screws are classified as a type of metal fastener.

Yes, Titanium Screws are of excellent quality and offer superior corrosion resistance, strength and lightweight properties compared to other metal fasteners.

Yes, it is possible for titanium screws to come loose. Although titanium is a strong and durable material, screws can loosen over time due to a variety of reasons such as improper placement, and insufficient tightening.

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