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Titanium Sheet

Titanium Sheet is a flat metal made of titanium alloy, which consists of several elements, including aluminium, vanadium, and other metals. It's light in weight and strong as steel with excellent corrosion resistance. Its composition also provides high fatigue strength, toughness, low thermal expansion coefficient, low thermal conductivity and high specific heat capacity. Titanium sheet is mainly used in aerospace technology but has practical uses for medical implants due to its biocompatibility with the human body.

Titanium sheet is a versatile material with numerous uses and properties. It's lightweight yet strong, non-corrosive, has excellent thermal stability, excellent ductility and weldability, high heat transfer capacity, great dimensional stability and resistance to creep deformation. It's used in aerospace engineering for airframes and turbine blades, the automotive industry for enhanced performance components, marine applications such as ship hulls, medical applications such as bone implants, and chemical processing because of its excellent corrosion resistance.

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