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UNS R50250

This grade of titanium alloy is one of the softest and ductile grades that have good welding and formability. The Titanium UNS R50250 Instrumentation is used in a wide range of applications such as aircraft structural, gaskets, aircraft skin, heat exchanger parts, deep drawing applications etc. This grade of titanium instrumentation has excellent resistance property and it is suitable for cathodic protection applications for fabricating anodes. This instrumentation is available in forms of wire, tubes, coil, bar, sheet and other fitting material. This is supply with various surface finishes such as 2D, 2B, polished etc.


These instrumentations are manufactured as per domestic and international standards. This is supplied with distinguishing sizes and dimensions and as per client demand. This material is manufactured from superior quality raw materials and using high tech machinery to make this product. This material is subjected to various tests to ensure the product quality and it is also approved by third party inspection team to a delivered product with flaw free. This item is shipping worldwide so its packaging is also important. This instrumentation item is packed in wooden crates or boxes to ensure the safety of the product while delivery of the item.

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