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UNS R52400

There are various companies engaged in providing the widespread Pipe Fittings Titanium UNS R52400. This grade is commercially pure and similar to grade 2 but contains palladium. This palladium addition makes grade 7 resistant to crevice corrosion at the 480 degrees F. the manufacturer provides it in various ranges and as per the needs and demands of the patrons. Thickness, as well as the size of pipe fittings, also varies from one manufacturer to another.



Size in which it is commonly offered is ½” NB- 24” NB and form in which it is formed is hydraulic, rectangular, round.  End of the pipe fittings is beveled, treaded and plain end.  If we look at the uses then we find that they are highly used in industries like chemical processing in parts or elements like ducting, pump, heat exchangers, valves as well as auxiliary equipment.



There are many other industries which use it in various applications but mostly it is used in chemical industry and so they are high in demand in such an industry. If you working such industry then you can also make use of this pipe fittings!


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