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Titanium Washer

Titanium washers are fastening devices used to secure two materials together. Made of chemical elements Titanium and Aluminum (Ti-Al), they offer superior chemical resistance, exceptional strength and higher temperature tolerance than traditional steel washers. Adding aluminium (Al) increases the flexibility of the part while maintaining adequate strength through increased toughness. Both chemical elements offer superior antiseptic properties and have an excellent range of electrical conductivity, making titanium washers ideal for installing electronics in tight spaces. Adding titanium also increases the cost-effectiveness of projects requiring heat resistance, as it nullifies any need for additional insulation or protective coatings. This adds to a durable fastening solution that offers maximum performance under harsh environmental conditions.

Titanium washers are an ideal choice for those looking for a lightweight and corrosion-resistant product. They offer excellent durability and strength, much higher than other metals such as aluminium or stainless steel. Due to their high resistance to wear and abrasion, titanium washers make applications in industries like automotive, medical and aerospace possible. Their non-magnetic properties also make them well-suited to fastening marine parts subject to corrosion caused by seawater. This versatile fastener is commonly used in assembly tasks where its high torque strength helps secure components together while being effective defensively against vibration and movement. Whether you're looking for a washer for industrial or commercial construction projects or need something suitable for the more demanding aircraft engineering requirements, titanium washers are a sure-shot option.

You can use it in your household work and for industrial purposes. If you use these washers in your fittings, the chances of accidents are negligible. Thus, using these washers makes your job safer. Titanium washers have the property of resisting corrosion which makes them suitable for work underwater. It gives excellent performances in complicated assemblies. It is well-designed for multiple uses. All these are available in different metric sizes, varying between M10 and M36.


Specification of Titanium Washers

IS, BS, and ASTM are the standards of washers you can find. Flat, lock, sealing, split, slot and star machines are some types of titanium washers. You can use these washers for a high surface finish for your fittings. They can quickly tighten with the spanner or ratchet. Advanced machines do production, so that find any damaged washers. You can prefer these washers for long-term engineering applications.

FAQ's for Titanium Washer

A titanium washer is a thin disk stamped with a hole or cutout shape to provide a bearing surface for the mating of two or more parts. It is usually used as a locking device to reduce the material needed when bolting two objects together.

Titanium washers offer increased corrosion resistance, high-temperature stability, low weight and excellent strength-to-weight ratio. They also provide excellent vibration and shock resistance due to their durable construction.

It Varies, But Generally, It Is Around INR 2500/Kg To INR 3000/Kg

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