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A2 Tool Steel Bar – (high vanadium tool steel) is an air-hardening and cold work tool steel that is composed of 5 percent chromium and 1 percent carbon. A2 is characterized by its non-deforming properties, excellent versatility, toughness properties, and dimensional stability in heat treatment. A2 Tool Steel Bar is moderate in abrasion resistance between D2 high carbon and O1 oil-hardening tool steel, high chromium tool steel.


Air-hardening steel tool providing excellent stability during heat treatment. A2 Tool and Die Steel Bar has achieved wide acceptance in systems where there is a high risk of distortion or cracking. Substantially improved strength and wear properties dramatically improve die life at a cost just marginally higher than that of basic oil-hardening grades. A2 Tool Steel Bar is worthy of consideration in many systems where grading from an oil-hardening grade is needed.


A2 Tool and Die Steel Bars exhibit various characteristics:

  1. Superior Non-Deforming
  2. Deep Hardening
  3. High Dimensional Stability after Hardening and Tempering
  4. Superior Machinability
  5. High Compression Strength


Typical Applications of A2 Tool Steel Bar include Punches and Dies, Industrial Knives, Dowel Pins, Slitters, Trim Dies, Precision Tools, Mold Inserts, Wear Parts, Shear Blades, Blanking Dies, Forming Dies, Fine-blanking Dies, and Lamination Dies, etc.

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