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H13 is a tool steel alloy that contains Chromium, Molybdenum, and Vanadium. The Molybdenum and Vanadium provide the strength in this grade while the chromium aids in softening the material when it's being used in high temperatures. H-13 is able to withstand rapid cooling and even premature heat checking. H13 Tool Steel is an air-hardening, 5 percent Chromium Die Steel which is an excellent choice for a wide range of hot work and cold work applications.


H13 Tool Steel Bar is widely used for aluminum, zinc, and magnesium die casting dies where resistance to thermal fatigue due to alternated heating and cooling cycles is of primary importance. The high vanadium content of H13 increases its resistance to washing caused by the erosive action of the die casting alloy increases its resistance to heat checking, and imparts superior properties at elevated temperatures. H13 also has excellent impact strength to resist cleavage cracking, is easy to machine, can be water-cooled in service, and has excellent size change characteristics.


Other typical hot work uses of H13 Tool and Die Steel Bar are aluminum extrusions dies and backers, brass extrusion dummy blocks, shear knives, and forging applications. In forging work, it is recommended for die blocks, inserts, punches, pierces, and heading dies. H13 Tool Steel Bar is finding increasing usage in cold work applications such as die cases for inserted cold heading dies and intermediate sendzimir rolls. H13 Die Steel Bar is often used as cold work shock steel because of its excellent toughness.


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