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Tool and Die Steel O1 Bars are a hardened steel alloy made from a formula rich in manganese, chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, and vanadium. This composition makes the alloy exceptionally strong and gives it good resistance to wear and shock, which is ideal for making tooling for die-casting components. On top of this, the addition of nickel allows the steel to easily hold detailed edges without blunting or chipping. As such, O1 bars are popular among manufacturers in many industrial sectors.

Tool and Die Steel Bars O1 are popular among industry professionals due to their outstanding hardness and wear-resistant properties. The material is relatively easy to grind, heat treat, and machine. It is readily machinable in the annealed condition, even with complicated shapes. It can be made work-hardenable with appropriate heat treatment and suitable for high-wear applications. Tool and Die Steel O1 Bars often create punch dies and die components, such as punches and press break molds. They are also popular in fabricating knives, gauges, rulers, hand tools, thread rolling, and forming dies. This versatile steel bar is a must-have for those who require high performance from their materials.

FAQ's for Tool and Die Steel O1 Bars

Tool and Die Steel O1 has high strength with excellent wear-resistance. It can withstand pressure and resist deformation, making it great for heavy-use applications like tooling, dies, punches, chisels, and more.

Common uses of Tool and Die Steel O1 include tools that require cutting or metalworking such as punches, chisels, lathes, shears, dies, drill bits, taps and other hand tools. It can also be used in heavy-duty industrial equipment such as grinders and presses.

To ensure your steel remains in its best condition for the longest time possible avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or wet conditions. Regularly cleaning your steel will also help protect it against corrosion or rusting. Oil or wax can also be applied to create a protective coating on your steel.

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