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P20 Mold Steel is a flexible, pre-hardened chrome-moly tool steel specially designed to meet the requirements for machined cavities and forces used in zinc die casting and plastic molding. P20 Tool and die steel is characterized by good toughness at moderate strength levels. Steel is widely used for plastic injection mold cavities and tools and for zinc die casting dies. P20 die steel bar is usually sold in pre-hardened conditions at a hardness of approximately 300 HBW.


P20 Tool and die steel bar has excellent mirror polishability and its less stiffness allows finishing easier and retains consistent hardness across very large bars. P20 Tool Steel Bars have outstanding weldability with great toughness and nitriding characteristics making it the main preference for plastic mold makers. P20 Mold Steel Bars are also provided in a hardened and tempered state fit for machining. Under this state, it provides excellent wear resistance, but if the maximum surface toughness is required for the compression molding of plastic dies or related devices, the steel may be case hardened or nitrided.


P20 Tool Steel is ideally suited for the production of plastic molds. Typical uses of Tool Steel Bars include die, holders, zinc die casting dies, backers, bolsters, and injection molds. The flexibility of P20 tool steel with its excellent tensile properties allows usage in a range of other uses, such as shafts, rails and wear strips.


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