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S7 Tool Steel Bar is an air-hardening or oil-hardening tool steel that has shock resistant, outstanding toughness, high compression strength, and reasonable wear resistance. This steel’s outstanding toughness and shock-resistant properties allow it to be the perfect choice for a variety of tooling applications. The Charpy (a measure that tests the impact strength) exceeds 200 ft-lb. At temperatures, 400 degrees F. S7 is a flexible tool steel that can be used for cold or hot work. S7 Tool Steel bars are available in a range of shapes and sizes.


S7 Tool Steel Bar is suggested for applications that require a high level of shock resistance, medium hot-works properties, and/or ease of machining. These bars are suitable for a range of hot-shock and cold-shock applications, including rivet sets, chisels, punches moil points, hot headers, and gripper dies. S7 Tool and Die Steel bars are also used by Short-run dies used in cold-forming, blanking and bending.


S7 Tool Steel Bar has outstanding resistance to softening at moderately high temperatures. This combination of features renders it flexible steel which is a good choice for both hot work applications in which the working temperature does not reach 1000 degrees F (538 degrees C) and cold work applications. Excellent combination of High strength and toughness. Useful for moderate hot work as well as for cold work. Added size stability when air hardened. Typical applications of S7 Die Steel Bar include Punches, plastic molds, chisels, shears, blanking dies, forming dies, hobbled dies.


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