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Tool and Die Steel S7 Bars are typically made from a relatively high carbon content alloy, compared to other die steels, with chromium, vanadium, and molybdenum added for increased abrasion resistance and toughness. These bars are softer in the annealed state than other die steels with similar high alloy content and will respond well to hot work temperatures applied during forging or machining. The precise chemical composition of Tool and Die Steel S7 Bars can vary slightly depending on manufacturer and source; however, it generally consists of 1.1-1.25% Carbon, 0.20-0.45% Silicon, 0.3-0.5% Manganese, 3.2-3.7% Chromium, 1.2-1.8%, Vanadium, and 8%-9% Molybdenum content.

Tool And Die Steel S7 Bars are premium steel alloy highly valued for its superior spheroidizing and stability characteristics. Tool and die makers love this robust and durable material for its shock resistance, increased fatigue life, exceptional machinability, and excellent heat-treating response. This type of metal is highly sought after in engineering because it can be chipped and forged with perfect accuracy while maintaining impeccable hardness at higher temperatures. As a bonus, Tool and Die Steel S7 Bars are well suited to grinding due to their lower carbon content, creating a softer surface finish that is easier to clean after milling. Overall, S7 Tool And Die Steel Bars are a perfect choice for tooling applications because of their unparalleled strength and precision, a combination that can't be beaten!

FAQ's for Tool and Die Steel S7 Bars

Tool and Die Steel S7 bars are commonly used in tools that require high shock resistance such as chisels, hammers, dies, punches and other hot working tools. It is also used to make blades for shearing or trimming applications.

The Rockwell C Hardness of the material ranges from 45-55 HRC. It has excellent toughness, wear resistance, and good through hardness which makes it ideal for a variety of applications requiring high tensile strength.

The typical dimensions for Tool and Die Steel S7 bars range from 0.188" - 7" diameter with lengths up to 20'

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