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Tungsten Coil

Tungsten Coil is an alloy of tungsten, cobalt, iron and nickel, with a high melting point and excellent electrical properties. It’s used for electric heating elements in industrial equipment such as furnaces, kilns, vaporizers and medical devices like diathermy machines. Its composition incorporates alloys of metals like iron, cobalt and nickel-manganese that work together to form the desired physical properties when heated to different temperatures. Tungsten Coil also can withstand extremely high temperatures without degrading or melting while maintaining its dimensional stability.

Tungsten Coil is a metallic alloy containing tungsten, nickel and iron. It has many excellent properties, such as high-temperature resistance, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, low vapour pressure and good electrical conductivity. It can also withstand extreme temperatures up to 2500°C (4532°F) without melting or deforming. These unique properties make it an ideal metal for applications requiring exceptional performance, like automotive parts and aerospace components.

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