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Tungsten W-1 Coil

Tungsten W-1 Coil is a tungsten wire used in several industrial applications. It has a diameter ranging from 0.25mm to 12m and is made up of 99.95% pure tungsten, which helps it resist temperatures as high as 2400°C without melting or losing strength. Its low electrical resistance makes it ideal for lighting fixtures and heating elements, where it can function efficiently at low voltages while consuming very little energy.

Tungsten W-1 Coil is a high-temperature, corrosion-resistant alloy used in various applications. It has excellent strength and rigidity at elevated temperatures, making it ideal for heating in industrial furnaces or fireplaces. Its high thermal conductivity and low electrical resistivity are desirable for electrical contacts. In contrast, its low expansion rate makes it suitable for load-bearing components such as springs and fluid control valves. It is also known to be very hard and wear-resistant, making it suitable for cutting tools.

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